OFDL Robotics Lab

OFDL Robotics.Original Flipped Digital Lab

For an interdisciplinary, creative academic community, it emphasizes the ability to do it and solve problems.

Since its inception in 2006, it has been involved in major robotics events (WRO, FLL.., etc.) for a long time.

Since 2015, we have started various robotic camps to enhance our students’ understanding of robots and to ease the gap between urban and rural education.


Chung-Chih Huang
Leader Instructor

The great OFDL leader, lead us to the world~~

Tom Chen
Honorary Advisor

Help us a lot and help us solve all size problems.

Anne Chen

FLL Theme and game design with students.

Wei-Chao Chiu

Guide student reports and game design for FLL.

Competition Coach

Chun-Lin Lai
Chin-Yi University
Dept. of Information Management

Good at system design and curriculum planning.

James Wun
Cheng Kung University
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Gifted students, excellent program skills.

Wen-Yu Wu
Chiayi University
Dept. of Early Childhood Edu.

Good at hosting events and teaching children.

Anthony HSU
Hsiuping University
Dept. of Cisco Network

Computer system major, EV3 development.

Hsiang-Yi Tsai
Taichung University
Dept. of Computer Science

The machine design capabilities are excellent.

Jason Chuang
Chiao Tung University
Dept. of Arete

Excellent mathematics, ability to surpass peers.

Daniel Lin
Tsing Hua University
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Gifted students, a little famous singer(?)