Hsiang-Yi Tsai

Taichung University
Dept. of Computer Science

The machine design capabilities are excellent.

Reward record

  • 2013WRO Regular Got excellent work in the inter-school competition
  • 2014FLL National competition Best Popularity Award
  • 2014WRO Regular Second place in the inter-school competition
  • 2015WRO Football Second place in the National competition
  • 2015WRO Football Sixth place in the World competition
  • 2017 National Skill Competition Robot program Second place
  • 2017 National Skill Competition Robot program Fouth place

Coach Reward record ​

  • 2019WRO Football 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in Nation competition
  • 2019WRO Football 3rd place in the World Final Hungry
  • 2019TIRT Football 3rd place in the World Final Taiwan
  • 2020WRO Regular Junior 1st place in Nation competition
  • 2020WRO Football 1st place in Nation competition

Programming platform​

  • LEGO Mindstorm、C++、LabVIEW、C x Atmega8
  • Arduino、MyRIO、KNRm


  • LEGO Education Academy、Level C and B technician for computer hardware fabrication


  • WRO football team omni wheel mechanism development and formula derivation.
  • ARC, RCJ and FRC mechanism development。