HT IRSeekerV2 Block Advanced

Most commonly used Sensor in WRO football:IR Seeker V2 and Compass
But the IR has a lot of problem, the IRSeeker often affected by sunlight or reflections…etc, Most commonly problem is ” Backseat Driver “, it means the ball behind the robot, but robot still go straight, it is classic misjudgment of IRSeeker.

Another problem is the firmware in IRSeeker, will cause some “Small IR sensor”(channel 1-5) value inaccurate, so we add the “offset” options in “Sensor Config” mode, you can custom the offset value of each channel individually.

How to Use



Version 5.1:

.Fix the bug of HT IIC protocol, prevent some communication failed.
.Add Frequency Setting mode, can set to 600Hz or 1200Hz for different IR ball.


Download Link(GitHub):

PDF Help Download:

Specialty Thanks to our Gold Partner:T2H Robotics, our IR Block optimize based on their block.


  1. danish

    hi.can you explain to me what is actually channel offset??
    if you kind,can you explain the entier block to me?

    fyi Im 13 years old.:)
    hope you survive corona.I hope you in a good condition of health.


    1. OFDL小編

      There is a pdf file on website.

  2. Lefteris

    Hello can you explain why when I put it in DC mode the robot crashes and factory resets?Is this a known issue?

    1. OFDL小編

      Did you have the T2h Omni Drive Block or your own block?
      Because some block had there own IR vi,it will cause program crash.

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