EV3 Color Sensor Block Advanced

The EV3 Color sensor can’t read raw value, and our block can, and it can be normalize by this block.

In WRO Regular Category, the important thing is EV3 Color Sensor, but EV3-G Color Block is too poor, not good at all.
By the way, our block can calibrate of each sensor individually. Because we use the raw value, so that the difference between white and black is always greater than 100.
Due to working at a lower level than my blocks, the normalize converting is much faster than MyBlock!

And We add a “Faster” mode in menu, Faster mode has been optimized, so that program speed will faster than normal mode.

How to Use

Step 1:

Before use EV3 Color Sensor,you need to record the max and min raw value(usually black is max,white is min) of your game field.

Step 2:

After you get the max and min raw value,write them into “Sensor Configuration” mode,and put that config mode block at the start of your program.
OK, now you can use your EV3 Color Sensor and read out the Normalized value~

By the way, the faster mode can read value faster, because the port switch not through the port option, but through the block menu, so that can make low level functions run faster. Recommend use faster mode at high-speed Line-Track competition.


Download Link(GitHub):http://bit.ly/379DMmt


  1. Angelos

    Dear sir, hi! First of all , I want to congratulate you for creating such an amazing and useful block! Really good job! I would like to ask if this block exists in other languages such as robotC and if yes , if you could send it to me.
    Best wishes,

  2. jigen

    I tried read row value with your block. then row value was 508~633. it is correct row value?
    Step 1 picture on this page has difference over thousand between min and max. EV3 color sensor 28N5 was used.

    1. OFDL小編

      Different sensor and sensor setup position will effect the raw value. Basically the EV3 reflect light raw value will between 0-1020.

      1. jigen

        Thank you for your reply!
        (correction: row→raw)

  3. John Petrozza

    Is this legal for the WRO?

    1. OFDL小編


  4. alright

    Hey, I’m rather late to this topic but I do have a question. The competition im joining doesnt allow the usage of external blocks, it is possible to get the rgb or the hsv readings (more preferably) from a non-external block?

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