EV3 Battery Info Block

In the previous article, we have mentioned that voltage is very important because that will directly affect the performance of the robot.
We have also released a tool to check the voltage on EV3 before, but this time we have brought a bigger update.

This block Allows users to read the voltage via the Block, and also we develops our own firmware to support this block, and it will be continuously updated in the future, mainly dealing with I2C, UART reset and other issues, hoping to have the opportunity to repair it, as for how to use this block, Plz See the Video~


Download Link(GitHub):https://github.com/a10036gt/EV3-BatteryInfo-Block/


  1. Michael Wareman

    This is very cool and helpful. I will play with this block and see what I can accomplish. Is there a way to create a block or measure in the battery block the power drain on the battery or power consumption on a motor? I built the spider_robot found on rebrickable’s website. Unfortunately the robot gets stuck in corners. If I could see if the robot is was struggling to to move I could program alternate actions. The motors do not show a stall as they do not get stuck. The legs just keep moving without te robot moving forward. As a side note, the robot does have 3 ultrasonic sensors but my code does not make very good us of them to help the robot navigate the room. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. OFDL小編

      We will add another mode in next update, can measure the battery current, but still need test.
      If you want to measure the stuck of motor, I suggest you use motor degrees to measure the degrees change amount,
      In WRO football we use this way to measure the stuck of motor.

  2. Amr mounajed


    1. OFDL小編


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