EV3 Block Build Tutorial

We not only share Block works, but also provide exclusive materials for EV3 BYOB (Build Your Own Block). For those who are interested in making command blocks, you can contact us.

Tutorial Preview


Tutorial Content

  • EV3 Block Build Tutorial PDF (67p.) x1
  • EV3 Block Build Tutorial Video x1
  • Some Sample Files x1


  • This Tutorial is only for humans who are highly enthusiastic about EV3 Hack.
  • It is recommended that LabVIEW programming foundation be better.
  • It is recommended to have basic image production ability.

More Info

Please note that this tutorial is only available in “Chinese” and no English version is currently available.

Class Photo


  1. Tom Eilers

    About : EV3 Block Build Tutorial

    Will this course be translated into english or on your Website, so that Google translate can make it readable for non Chineese ?

    I know LabVIEW and I know how developer mode of the EV3 works but I don’t see the PBrick primitives in the UI builder pallete and how to connect them with the right variables or contants. Of course I can copy them from existing blocks.
    But where are these primiteves documented.

    Thank you very much.

    1. OFDL小編

      If we have free time, we will translate into english.

  2. Huifei Rao

    I’m interested in this Tutorial. Can you send me a copy? Thanks

    1. OFDL小編

      Eng ver in progress, stay tuned.

  3. Antonio Zumaquero

    I’m interested in this tutorial for building EV3 blocks.
    Can you send me a copy, in Chinese (I know)?

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