4 Wheel Omni Drive Block

4 Wheel Omni Drive Block for pass season of WRO football robot.

Although the WRO football has now disabled the 4 wheel omni football robot, but the 4 wheel omni football robot are quite practical in other competition. Here we share the previously tested 4 wheel omni football robot control block. Take a look~


Angel: The target angle of the robot movement, then the four motor must be placed according to the following figure in order to function properly:

Motor ports and Block angle relationship diagram.

The blue arrow in the above picture is the motor’s preset forward direction. If you want to go forward, enter 0 degrees and robot will go forward, enter 90 degrees to the left…etc, The angle relationship is basically the same as the relative position of Compass.

Power: The basic power (standard power) of robot movement.

HT Compass RelHeading:Just input the HT Compass Relative Heading here, if input empty, the robot will not correct it heading self.

Error Correction Kp: HT Compass RelHeading * Kp = Error Out, it will put the error amount into 4 or 2 morots, to correct robot’s heading, if Kp too large, robot will not correct ordinary.


  • Ver 1.2 2019.06.05 update info:
  • Add HT Compass Relative Heading Input.
  • Add Kp Error Correction Input.
  • Remove Rotate Input, replace by HT Compass and Kp Input.
  • Code optimization by OFDL HYT


Download Link(GitHub):http://bit.ly/2HLXmee