EV3 Color Sensor RGB Block Enhanced

EV3 Color Sensor Enhanced Block

The original EV3 color sensor supports reflected light, ambient light and color mode, but this does not meet our needs. David Gilday, who made mindcuber, created the EV3 Color RGB mode in the early days, which greatly improved the EV3 Color Sensor. But the Color Sensor RGB file is not perfect, so we have added other functions, including the RGB comparison mode and the raw value mode.


Name:Measure – RGB color

This mode returns the Red, Green and Blue components of the RGB color.

Name: Compare – RGB color

This mode is a variant of RGB mode, which allows you to change the input value to achieve the judgment effect, as shown above: 20 is Error Amount, R, G, B are 170, 160, 120, respectively, when I measured it today. The object reads Red to 150-190, Green at 140-180, and Blue at 100-140. When the three are established, the Boolean value is finally output. The interval is determined by Error Amount, which is what you input. The RGB value +-Error is the judgment condition.

Name: HSVL Mode

This mode allow you reading the HSVL value of EV3 Color sensor (convert from RGB)


Ver 1.6:
.Add HSVL Mode.
.Remove Raw value mode (merge to EV3-AdvEV3Col-Block)


Download Link(GitHub):http://bit.ly/30T2llb
Author:OFDL HSUT2H Robotics


  1. Iskander

    The object reads Red to 150-170.

    Did you mean 150-190?

    1. ofdl

      Oh, yes, thanks for correct.

  2. Arthur

    Hi, I just tried the EV3 Color Sensor RGB Block Enhanced and it is a great idea, but I’m having some trouble here. After installing it the description on the block says: “MISSING DISPLAYNAME”. Could you help me with that?

    1. OFDL小編

      Our version RGB Block should not have Missing DsiplayName problem, what’s language of your ev3 software use?

  3. robomac

    olá, usei muito o bloco e teve seu desempenho ótimo mas por veses desliga o sensor

    1. OFDL小編

      Try give a little bit delay in loop (0.0001s), and make sure there is no two block read one sensor at same time.

  4. Zoz

    Any help please The block don’t import on ev3 program

    1. OFDL小編

      More detail info?

  5. divine

    how can i program it

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