EV3 ToolBox Block

EV3 ToolBox Block

What’s EV3 ToolBox Block?

EV3 ToolBox Block, a practical EV3-G toolbox block developed by OFDL Dev. and T2H robotics team, is designed to provide some functions that EV3-G software does not use for you, or made some useful block into block.



Returns the value wired to the True or False input, depending on the value of Select. If Select is TRUE, this function returns the value wired to True. If Select is FALSE, this function returns the value wired to False.


The atan2 function is a variation of the atan function. For a given coordinates , is the angle between the positive X axis and the point .

Name: Quotient and Remainder

Computes the integer quotient and the remainder of the inputs. This function rounds floor(x/y) to the nearest integer towards -inf.

Name: NumLimit-Clamp (By T2H)

Constrains a number to be within a range. For Example, lower bound is 0, upper bound is 100, if input more than 100 (e.g. 101), result will output 100.

Name: NumLimit-Wrap (By T2H)

Wrap values from a range into the range. For Example, lower bound is 0, upper bound is 100, if input 110, result will output 10, or input 130, result will output 30, and so on.

Name:Map Value

Re-maps a number from one range to another. That is, a value of fromLow would get mapped to toLow, a value of fromHigh to toHigh, values in-between to values in-between, etc. Same function as Arduino map().

Name:Max and Min

Compares x and y and returns the larger value at the maxium output terminal and the smaller value at the minium output terminal.

Name:Array Max and Min

Returns the maximum and minimum values found in array, along with the indexes for each value.



.Add Sensor Tester, can return current and all mode of your sensor and motor, it will be useful for unknown sensor or custom sensor discover.
.Add Advanced Gyro, can read the TILT value and “Hard reset” your gyro sensor, make sure the gyro will not drift.
.Fix some bug and icons.
.Use category, make the block menu more clearly.


Download Link(GitHub):http://bit.ly/2wEdOXX


  1. tran van thai

    the code command is great, can I get the sample code of the soccer robot ev3?

    1. OFDL小編

      We have 4 wheels omni soccer robot block.

  2. Saieesh Gandhi

    how can we use the Gyro to read the angle values as the Advanced Gyro block has TILT value only.

    1. OFDL小編

      Just use Lego original block.

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