NXT Light Sensor Block

NXT Light Sensor Block

Why NXT Light Sensor Block? Does NXT’s light source sensor have any advantages? Or is it just fun?

There are three reasons why I made this block:

  1. After many people upgrade EV3, NXT is no longer use, so I want to make it useful.
  2. You may have to use two or three EV3 light sensors at one time. If you have NXT light, you can use it to save some money, lol.
  3. NXT light perception Because there is only light sensing module, there is no color sensing module, his light is much stronger than EV3.
NXT Light Sensor


Step1. Read out the Raw value of NXT Light Sensor

Before use NXT Light Sensor,you need to record the max and min raw value(usually black is max,white is min) of your game field.

Step.2 GoGoGo~

After you get the max and min raw value,write them into “NXT Light Configuration” mode,and put that config mode block at the start of your program.
OK, now you can use your NXT Light Sensor~


Ver 1.5:
Optimized the low level computing speed, about 6x faster.


Download Link(GitHub):http://bit.ly/2XgRqzp